Grooming & Bath

We offer full service grooming for all breeds. Bring your dogs for salon services, including bath and blow dry. We use only the best all natural products. We hand dry to remove all loose hair and undercoat. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are all standard. Deep conditioning treatments with massage are available to those wanting major luxury treatment for your dog!

Our professional groomer has spent years training and learning how to give your dog the best experience while giving you the results you want.

Bath & Grooming Package

Bath Package

Includes aromatherapy, relaxing massage bath, hair brush, dry, nails cut, ear clean, anal gland expression, and cologne.

Grooming Package

Partial groom: BATH PACKAGE+ shaved pad fur and sanitary trim.

Full groom: BATH PACKAGE +shaved pad fun, sanitary trim and complete hair cut or shave.