Copperfield Dog​

Grooming & Bath

We offer outstanding services for breeds big or small, we welcome all! Treat your fur babies with our outstanding salon services, including a bath and hand dry. As your local business, we only provide the best natural products to ensure a healthy coat at all time, bringing out the best of your pets. Hand drying is our method to remove all loose hair in the undercoat; along with pawdicures and ear cleaning, which are all standard. Add ons are available upon request if you'd like to pamper your babies into a further zen experience. 

Bath & Grooming Packages

Bath Package

Includes aromatherapy, relaxing massage bathhair brush, nail cut, ear clean, anal gland expression, hand dry and optional cologne.

Grooming Package 

Partial Groom: BATH PACKAGE+ shaved pad fur and sanitary trim.

Full groom: BATH PACKAGE +shaved pad fun, sanitary trim and complete cut or shave